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  • Hi I'm using expression web 4 I have modified a template master page and it looks how I want but I would like the column right to be added to the master page ie show on every new page and not be editable but I just can't work out how to do it. Even my usual help desk (google) is coming up blank. Well not coming up blank but i can't work out what it was talking about. Can anyone help me? Please xx

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  • I assume you are talking about a DWT, not a Master page.  (Using an EW template, the name of the DWT is master.dwt, so the confusion is understandable.)

    Look in Code View of your DWT.  Anything between opening BeginEditable and closing EndEditable comments is editable.  Anything outside them is not editable, and will appear on all pages created from the DWT.

    <!-- #BeginEditable "ThisEditableName" -->
    This div is editable
    <!-- #EndEditable -->
    <div>This div is not editable.</div>
    Make sure things you want to appear on all pages, and not be editable, are not inside any of the BeginEditable/EndEditable comment pairs.

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