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  • On my Windows7 Ultimate/SP1 Machine I include a System Image in my weekly backup. The backups are saved on a second disk in the computer. To make sure everything is working correctly, I boot from the Recovery Disk and make sure I would be able to restore from the most recient System Image or one of the Previous System Images from last week or from many weeks ago. All the Previous Saved System Images are Listed. "YEAH!".

    PROBLEM: When I copy the the backup files to my eSATA Drive and try the same proceedure, only the most recient System Image shows up in the list of available Images, even though all the Previous Images are on the eSATA drive. "SOB". What if, for some reason, I only have the eSATA drive to restore my computer and I want to restore to something other than the most recient System Image?

    WORK-A-ROUND: Copy the files from the eSATA drive to another computer/folder, share the folder to the network, restore from the network and all the Previous System Images show up on the list as available.

    QUESTION: Is it possible to get a full list of Previous System Images from my eSATA drive? Note: I have tried this process from three Win7 Computers and the results are identical.

     PS: I'm posting to the server forum because I couldnt find a Win7 OS forum.
    Sunday, February 26, 2012 3:52 PM