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  • I currently developed one on one audio chat in C# using G711 and now i have been asked to impliment  Audio conferencing multiple users in distinct room ... like the one they have on yahoo you enter a voice chat room and different people could be heard chatting.
    Anyways I decided to use multicasting here which i guess is the best option is it ??? but for multicating on the internet initially ur ISP has to be MBONE enabled ??
    My questions are as follows:

    1) To impliment Audio Conferencing in different rooms do i have to use multicasting?? or could i impliment a server software to which different client softwares connect to and when one client speaks the data packets are send to the server and the server software would transmit that data one by one to a list of selected clients??

    2)If Multicasting is the way to go ?? will i need MBONE compatible Internet cause my application will be used via internet ??
    I guess so ... then how can i determine if my internet is MBONE compatible i  tried to run multikit ( but i dont know where to download it from and Session Directory Tool (SRD) is corrupted... ??? any way to determine if my internet provider is MBONED??
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    Wednesday, December 2, 2009 10:10 PM