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  • I want to solve a problem facing during development of Windows Forms based applicaton,

    I have many records in my database table, I pull some records in DataGridView (on the basis of some condition), I can identify RecordID's, but now I want a VB code based CommandButton that can perform following operations that when I click on Button:

    1. On the basis of already identified RecordID's it pull records one by one from database, make it a report like "Student's marks sheet" (or html form that I already have in my project) - put the value of each item in its approperiate place.
    2. I also have Recipient's and his Boss email address with each record in database.
    3. programe take all values of that particulare RecordID, place them on their approperiate place in report, paste this report in Outlook Email Body, place Recipient's email in "To" box and Boss email in "CC" box and subject line (subject line will be same for all)
    4. All above operations should be perfomed as many time as many rows are selected in DataGridView


    Kindly help me to develope it.

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