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  • Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong group. 

    I have this data set 

    AppID DisplayName Connector References Connector Name
    00188df0-be56-451a-9dab2-3c485b21ab66 App 1 1 ["SQL Server"]
    00188df0-gy78-482a-9db2-678jgdb211234 App2 1 ["SharePoint"]
    00188df0-ss54-942a-9da2-8qgc485b21ab12 App3 4 ["Excel","OneDrive for Business","Excel","OneDrive for Business"]
    00188df0-ki89-784-9da2-6ufs485b21ab66 App 4 10 ["Mail","Office 365 Users","Logic flows","Power BI","Logic flows","SharePoint","SharePoint","Logic flows","Logic flows","Logic flows"]
    00188df0-cd56-76nju-9da2-3c485b21ab748 App 5 1 ["Wunderlist"]
    00188df0-po67-64fd-9da2-3vt7685b21ab66 App 6 4 ["Excel","OneDrive for Business","Excel","OneDrive for Business"]
    00188df0-cd34-99ol-9da2-3tre655b21ab89 App 7 8 ["Excel","OneDrive for Business","Office 365 Users","Excel","OneDrive for Business","Excel","OneDrive for Business","SharePoint"]
    00188df0-dc43-12fd-9da2-3vgr485b21ab78 App 8 2 ["Azure Resource Manager","SQL Server"]

    I need to create a visualisation that will show how many connections SharePoint, Mail, Office 365 Users, SQL etc is using. 

    At the moment, all the data is on one line, therefore my graph reports on the actual data. I need to manipulate it. e.g. if every app that had more than one connection was a separate row, that would work - but i dont know how to do that. 

    Tuesday, December 3, 2019 11:01 AM

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