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  • Hi... I am using a webbrowser control to perform some automation on a specific website. 


    I noticed the program would get extremely bloated in its memory usage.  I have eliminated it all down to the webbrowser control itself.


    As a test I simply used the webbrowser.navigate ("Http://url") command in the webbrowser.documentcompleted event to produce an endless loop.  Sure enough the browser control continued to eat up memory.


    After further experimentation I found out that it is specific to the website, and if I open up a stand-alone IE session, it too will grow and grow on this specific website.


    The website is an on-line game that is run through Facebook called Warbook.  The URL of the actual game is, but you will have to have a valid facebook session in order to access it. 


    Since finding out it is specific to the website, I don't know if I am still posting this in the appropriate location, and I don't know if anyone would be willing to create a facebook account to actually see if they could determine why this website uses up memory in IE when it is a simple text based game with just a few little icons.  Possibly this happens on more than just this website, but I sure would like to know why as it it a really significant usage of memory that never stops to grow every time a link is navigated to.


    I have experimented with the webbrowser.dispose method, and it does release all the memory that is being ate up, but it seems like an un-necessary thing to have to do and it destroys my session.


    Does anyone know why the browser control continues to eat up more memory, when it isn't loading any new windows, etc?



    Sunday, December 16, 2007 4:57 AM

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  • To troubleshoot this issue, we really need the source code to reproduce the problem, so that we can investigate the issue in house. It is not necessary that you send out the complete source of your project. We just need a simplest sample to reproduce the problem. You can remove any confidential information or business logic from it.

    You can send a sample project to may email address which can be found in my personal mail address.
    Monday, December 17, 2007 8:30 AM
  • We are changing the issue type to “Comment” because you have not followed up with the necessary information. If you have more time to look at the issue and provide more information, please feel free to change the issue type back to “Question” by editing your initial post and changing the radio button at the top of the post editor window. If the issue is resolved, we will appreciate it if you can share the solution so that the answer can be found and used by other community members having similar questions.

    Thank you!
    Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:04 AM

    Hi, sorry it took me so long to get back with you.  I appreciate your offer of assistance.  I have completely revised my first post after finding new information.  However, I don't know if it is still appropriate in this forum.  You could decide for me please.


    Thank you


    Thursday, December 20, 2007 2:30 PM