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    Hope this is in the right place.

    I have recently started to play around with a Skype api, skype4com. Anyway there example code compiles fine, but it's for a console app.

    I works fine. Now the problem comes in when I tried to port it to a mfc app. I succsesfully imported the dll and set up namespace etc. It even builds fine, but when I run the app I get: "object reference not set to an instance of object" . It refers me to line 111 which is "Skype->Attach(6,true);" When I remove that line and compile it works perfect. No error.

    #include "objbase.h"
    #pragma once
    namespace skypeimo {
    	using namespace System;
    	using namespace System::ComponentModel;
    	using namespace System::Collections;
    	using namespace System::Windows::Forms;
    	using namespace System::Data;
    	using namespace System::Drawing;
    	using namespace SKYPE4COMLib;
    	/// <summary>
    	/// Summary for Form1
    	/// WARNING: If you change the name of this class, you will need to change the
    	///     'Resource File Name' property for the managed resource compiler tool
    	///     associated with all .resx files this class depends on. Otherwise,
    	///     the designers will not be able to interact properly with localized
    	///     resources associated with this form.
    	/// </summary>
    	public ref class Form1 : public System::Windows::Forms::Form
    			//TODO: Add the constructor code here
    		/// <summary>
    		/// Clean up any resources being used.
    		/// </summary>
    			if (components)
    				delete components;
    	private: System::Windows::Forms::RichTextBox^ richTextBox1;
    	private: SKYPE4COMLib::ISkype^ Skype; //I think I made a mistake somewhere here.
    	private: SKYPE4COMLib::IClient^ client;
    	private: System::Windows::Forms::Button^ button1;
    		/// <summary>
    		/// Required designer variable.
    		/// </summary>
    		System::ComponentModel::Container ^components;
    #pragma region Windows Form Designer generated code
    		/// <summary>
    		/// Required method for Designer support - do not modify
    		/// the contents of this method with the code editor.
    		/// </summary>
    		void InitializeComponent(void)
    			this->richTextBox1 = (gcnew System::Windows::Forms::RichTextBox());
    			this->button1 = (gcnew System::Windows::Forms::Button());
    			// richTextBox1
    			this->richTextBox1->Location = System::Drawing::Point(57, 51);
    			this->richTextBox1->Name = L"richTextBox1";
    			this->richTextBox1->Size = System::Drawing::Size(174, 96);
    			this->richTextBox1->TabIndex = 0;
    			this->richTextBox1->Text = L"";
    			// button1
    			this->button1->Location = System::Drawing::Point(57, 180);
    			this->button1->Name = L"button1";
    			this->button1->Size = System::Drawing::Size(75, 23);
    			this->button1->TabIndex = 1;
    			this->button1->Text = L"button1";
    			this->button1->UseVisualStyleBackColor = true;
    			this->button1->Click += gcnew System::EventHandler(this, &Form1::button1_Click);
    			// Form1
    			this->AutoScaleDimensions = System::Drawing::SizeF(6, 13);
    			this->AutoScaleMode = System::Windows::Forms::AutoScaleMode::Font;
    			this->ClientSize = System::Drawing::Size(292, 266);
    			this->Name = L"Form1";
    			this->Text = L"Form1";
    			this->Load += gcnew System::EventHandler(this, &Form1::Form1_Load);
    #pragma endregion
    	private: System::Void Form1_Load(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) {
    	private: System::Void button1_Click(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) {

    Monday, May 3, 2010 6:40 PM

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  •  Now the problem comes in when I tried to port it to a mfc app.

    That is not an MFC project. You have created a .NET WinForms application. I think you chose the wrong project template (or else you didn't want an MFC project after all).

    Correct me if I'm wrong.


    Monday, May 3, 2010 6:46 PM
  • Then it's my fault. Forgive me I'm still learning all these things. Basically I just want a app that generate a form and this seems to be it.  So then I didn't want a MFC project. 
    Monday, May 3, 2010 6:53 PM
  • This question belongs to the Windows Forms forum.

    Anyway, you dereferenced a null pointer. Generally you need to create an object and assign to the pointer before you dereference the pointer.

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    Monday, May 3, 2010 7:12 PM