Fiddler Issue - please help! target machine actively refused it RRS feed

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  • First, thanks for reading! I use Fiddler2 for facebook game items, and it's been a great success. I accessed a website to download some dat files I needed. I think it was eshare, ziddu or megaupload, one of those. Anyway, even before the rar file had downloaded, I got this weird green shield in the bottom right hand corner of my computer. It said a Trojan was trying to access my computer, or something to that extent. It prompted me to click the shield to begin anti-virus scanning. It turns out this rogue program is called Antivirus System Pro and is pretty hard to get rid of. After discovering the rogue program, I tried using Fiddler and got the following error:

    [Fiddler] Connection to
    Gateway failed.<BR>Exception Text: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

    I ended up purchasing SpyDoctor + Antivirus, which I'm told is designed specifically for getting rid of these types of programs. Anyway, I did a quick-scan last night with spydoctor and malware bytes. Malware picked up 2 files, and Spydoctor found 4. Most were insignificant, but it did find a worm called Worm.Alcra.F, which was labeled high-priority. I don’t know if that’s the Anti-Virus Pro or not, but SpyDoctor said it got rid of all of those successfully. I tried to run Fiddler again before leaving home, but was still getting the "gateway failed" error.

    Im using the newest version of
    firefox. When I initially set up the Fiddler, I couldn’t get it to run at first, so I found this faq on the internet that said I needed to go through Tools>Options>Settings and set up an HTTP Proxy to and my Port to 8888.
    Once I set that up and downloaded this fiddler helper as a firefox add-on, it worked fine. When I turn on fiddler, it automatically takes my proxy setting from no proxy (default) to the with Port 8888 set up. It worked fine until my computer detected this virus.

    Anyway, hopefully I've given you sufficient information to offer me your best advice here. Like I said, Spydoctor says the bad stuff is gone, so maybe the rogue program made some type of change in my fiddler that I could just reset or uncheck or something like that? Or will I need to completely remove fiddler and those
    dat files and rar files I downloaded? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.






    Saturday, April 24, 2010 4:36 PM