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    Created a WSSF project and used all the wizards to generate message contracts for request and response.  Used them to create a service contract and created a windows forms client to test request and response.  Everything works fine.


    I use the WCF Wizard via the "Add Generated Items" choice in a Biztalk Project.

    I point to the service and everything is generated fine.

    The binding file creates a request-receive WCF-Http addapter in my BTS application.


    I send a message through and it reaches the service side.  On the return trip though I get an error.


    Seems like BTS doesnt like the XML that is coming back.


    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: BizTalk Server 2006
    Event Category: BizTalk Server 2006
    Event ID: 5804
    Date:  10/1/2007
    Time:  8:01:12 PM
    User:  N/A
    Computer: NYCASTARVIR
    A response message sent to adapter "WCF-BasicHttp" on Receive Location: "WcfSendPort_NameConcatService_BasicHttpBinding_INameConcatOperations" with URI:"http://nycastarvir:1100/service/BTStoWCFBasicHttpAddress" is suspended.
     Error details: Loading property information list by namespace failed or property not found in the list. Verify that the schema is deployed properly. 
     MessageId:  {0C949488-E39E-44C8-970C-03A2CA034DF0}
     InstanceID: {5F9D63FB-C662-4593-8B4C-9E92DAFE1565}

    I have done everything right.

    Maybe its something with Qualified versus Unqualifies or Datacontract vs XMLServialization.

    Im using all DataContract on the ServiceSide.


    The XML that is returned is the following....


    <NameConcatResponse xmlns="http://BTStoWCFBasicHttp.ServiceContracts/2007/10">
    <DataContractThreeVar xmlns4p1="http://BTStoWCFBasicHttp.DataContracts/2007/10" xmlns:i="">
    <d4p1:FullName>Juan Carlos Suero</d4p1:FullName>


    The test XML generated from the Biztalk schema itself is....


    <ns0:NameConcatResponse xmlns:ns0="http://BTStoWCFBasicHttp.ServiceContracts/2007/10">
        <ns1:FullName xmlns:ns1="http://BTStoWCFBasicHttp.DataContracts/2007/10">FullName_0</ns1:FullName>



    As you can see BTS Seems to like to see ns0:NameConcatResponse as opposed to plain vanilla NameConcatResponse


    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 1:05 AM

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