simple bing map with pushpin RRS feed

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  • hi, we have a bing map integrated into a website using the API in a standard way (code below) and also have a pushpin on the map. The question is when the website user clicks on the bing logo to view the map in full on the bing map website, how do we get the pushpin to appear too? thanks


    			var map = new Microsoft.Maps.Map(element.get(0),
                   	credentials: key,
                   	center: new Microsoft.Maps.Location(latitude, longitude),
                   	mapTypeId: Microsoft.Maps.MapTypeId.road,
                   	width: width,
                   	height: height,
                   	zoom: zoom,
                   	showScalebar: false,
                   	enableSearchLogo: false
    			var mypushpin = new Microsoft.Maps.Pushpin(new Microsoft.Maps.Location(latitude, longitude));

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  • The code looks alright. Make sure that your latitude and longitude coordinates are numbers and not strings. i.e. if you are passing in the values via a query string these are likely strings. Use parseFloat to correct.
    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:16 AM