How to format a USB drive as NTFS under Windows Server 2003? RRS feed

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  • I still am not sure where to post windows bugs or questions. I hope this place is OK.

    I have previously formatted several USB drives as NTFS. I thought i did it under Server 2003 but now it won't come up. Can't find it on the website anymore either.

    Previoulsy documented steps:
    1) go to device properties and change Policies to "optimize for performance".

    2) go to Disk management and delete/create partitions, etc. and format as ntfs.

    When attempting it today, being able to delete the partition or create one is intermittent. Being able to format as ntfs is intermittent. I believe I had a hardware problem on usb drive so i took an old one and tried to wipe it by deleting the partition and reformatting. NTFS does not come up as an option. I had to put the drive in my Windows Server 2000 laptop to delete the partition (which is not always enabled), BUT It doesn't set policies on the usb drive.

    What gives?

    Where is the previous documentation on this? i typed in [format usb ntfs] on microsoft advanced search and got 1001 articles including a whole bunch of vista stuff. I then tried it with [format usb ntfs "server 2003"] and got 513 articles including a whole of bunch of vista articles.

    Is this logical or is it just me?

    I should be able to type in format usb ntfs on my server's "help and support centre" and get proper directions. Instead i only get the glossary.

    If microsoft is going to load up its web site with 1,000s. and 1,000.s of articles, you should restore the old advanced search which seemed to be better at pulling up relevant articles. You should also code each and every article as to which operating system it is relevant to, then add check boxes in the advanced search to filter out irrelevant operating systems or products for the current search.

    Anyway, how does one delete and create partitions on a usb drive? how does one format it as ntfs?

    Thanks in advance,


    Holy Crow - 2581 views on this one! I thought I should provide an update: It turned out that my USB drive in question was defective. Once it was replaced, the formatting worked fine.

    Also another tip - I recentl purchased a nice tiny usb drive that came formatted with FAT. Under Windows 2003, I couldn't format it as NTFS but I could format it as FAT32. Once formatted as FAT32, I could actually format it as NTFS. It seems to be working fine, supports compression, etc.

    Saturday, February 17, 2007 6:14 PM