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  • Hi Forum,

    i try to read from my sd Card. But i can only read the Folders not the files.

    What is my mistake ?

    // Connect to the current SD card.
                ExternalStorageDevice _sdCard = (await ExternalStorage.GetExternalStorageDevicesAsync()).FirstOrDefault();
                if (_sdCard != null)
                    // MessageBox.Show(_sdCard.ToString());
                    MessageBox.Show("SD Card ok");
                        // Look for a folder on the SD card named RKSE.
                        ExternalStorageFolder routesFolder = await _sdCard.GetFolderAsync("Test");
                        MessageBox.Show(routesFolder.Name + " - " + routesFolder.Path);
                        // Get all files from the Routes folder.
                        IEnumerable<ExternalStorageFolder> routeFolders = await routesFolder.GetFoldersAsync();
                        IEnumerable<ExternalStorageFile> routeFiles = await routesFolder.GetFilesAsync();

    routeFolders   has count

    routeFiles  has no Count. But there are 3 files in the Folder.

    Need Help

    Gruß Roland

    Sunday, August 24, 2014 1:28 PM

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