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  • Hello everyone. I will start first by admitting most of the discussion in this forum is over my head. I am fresh in test and would like to know if it's possible to retrieve a call stack from a crash in a retail environment. I don't have the symbols, and I'm unfamiliar with how to use Debugging Tools for Windows.

    I don't expect you to hold my hand through this but if you can that would be amazing.
    Tuesday, November 10, 2009 8:19 PM


  • Generally, a debugger is the best place to get a stack trace (even on retail builds). I use a windbg, but you could "attach" any debugging tool to the application and see the stack trace when it crashes.

    All you need to do in windbg is launch it, select "Open Executable" from the file menu, and point it to the app you want to get a stack trace for. Click ok, and you'll get a message about saving your workspace - your answer here doesn't matter. At this point, the debugger will launch and stop at a breakpoint (in other words, the debugger is in control, and your app isn't running).  At this point, either type 'g' in the debugger window, select the Debug menu then go, or press the 'F5' key and you'll be in business. Use your app, and when it crashes, windbg will (should) come to the foreground. Find "Callstack" in the "view" menu and you'll be looking at the call stack for the crash.
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