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  • Hello all:

    I am writing a BT paring app (Utilizing Soft32 Libs) for Windows Mobile 6.5 device (MSFT Stack) and BT printer.

    All works fine except that you must reboot device for changes to take.

    I've scanned the web and found that you should use the below code to reload the BT stack BUT the below code does not work?

    Could not find anything related to a refresh in Soft32 libs.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    public const int WM_WININICHANGE = 26;

    public const int HWND_BROADCAST = 65535;

    DllImport("CoreDll.dll", EntryPoint = "SendMessage", SetLastError = true)]

    extern IntPtr SendMessage(IntPtr hWnd, int msg, int wParam, int lParam);

    SendMessage((IntPtr)HWND_BROADCAST, WM_WININICHANGE, 0, 0);

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