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  • Hi,

    I'm currently using Windows 8 v6.2 64-bit

    So i want to work on a new project, i saw visual studio and tought it was a good software to start with c# editing, the problem is none of them even seem to install,i tried with some of them:

    - Visual Studio Ultimate 2013

    - Visual Studio Proffesional 2013

    - Visual Studio Express 2013, Web, Windows Desktop, and Windows

    - Visual Studio C# Express 2010

    and even

    - Visual Studio Ultimate 2010

    All giving me the same error when i try to install:

    "Microsoft Visual studio 2013 Shell (Minimum) Fatal Error when trying to install"

    Except for one of them, i don't recall wich, that says that i need a higher version of windows

    i have my log file in mediafire but i am not able to post it here because my account is still not verified. i really don't know why.

    I have been trying to install this for 4 DAYS now, i tried a bunch of solutions posted not only here but on a lot of other forums with no results. I even tried to install the Visual Studio 2013 Shell (Isolated) since i thought that was the problem, resulting in the same error, and i already repaired my MSI so i don't think thats the problem.

    Its sad to see that microsoft dispite the hundreds of cases they get for this types of errors (and i saw probably +50 of them) when installing visual studio do not make the effort to change the installer or improve it in some way so that this errors do not happen.

    Basically i am downloading a tool from microsoft to make programs, when the program itself does not even install. i don't think thats the kind of message microsoft wants to give to people.

    the most sad part is probably if i opted for the paid version i wouldn't even be able to install it. Of course i won't now.

    I am sorry for any grammatical errors, english is my second language.

    Thursday, September 4, 2014 12:40 PM