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  • We are working to get our web application to work in IE metro (windows 8.1) as a kiosk but we are having a few issues:

    1. When the user swipes to go back they see (as they swipe) an image of the previous page. Is there any way to switch this off / control what image is used?

    2. As a temporary measure we blank the page before submitting - this was working when I was using a server name in the url but the behaviour totally changed when using an IP in the url - when using an IP in the url the browser appears to capture an image when the page javascript is fired (could be on href click) not just at submit time.

    The issue is primarily to do with a user logging out of the system but a new user being able to slowly drag from the left and see the previously submitted page. I understand that tabs should be closed etc but in this case we cannot guarantee this would happen.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thursday, January 29, 2015 1:15 AM


  • Hi,

    the typical way to prevent a user navigating back to a login page is to use a Session variable in your server side code that tracks the session status.... in asp.net you enable and use forms validation.

    When the current visitor/user logs out of your application you redirect the response to a landing page or the login page.

    1. That is the Travel Log and the actual web page that was viewed previously... equivalent to Back button on a desktop browser. IE running in kiosk mode (iexplore.exe -k "{url}" is frameless and addon-less.... there are no browser Back or forward buttons... you need to disable gestures on your web site. (see MSDN - user interaction (HTML) in Windows 8 ) that should prevent back and forward navigation by touch/gesture on a kiosk.

    2. 'blanking the page'? can you share some code/markup?



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