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  • So, I want to make a silverlight application capable of getting an image from the user's computer, using a file dialog, then crop it, resize the cropped image if necessary, and then get the byte[] data of the image.

    So far I made a nice control, showing the image, greyed out, and I made the same image, on top of it, but this one is cropped and not greyed out, the result is quite nicely, I have a crop region just as I wanted, I'm able to move it as I want and resize the crop region as I want.

    My problem is, now that I have my image object clipped and positioned, I want to save it, and I have a couple of questions

    • How do I save it
    • Do the changes I made to the image (such as clipping) stay when I save the image?
    Thanks in advance!
    Thursday, December 22, 2011 12:57 AM


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