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  • Hello all,


    this is not necessarily a question to server virtualization itself as also SQL and other application workloads are allowed to be run on top of CSVs. However the category "Windows Server -> Server Virtualization" was the best fitting one.

    I am trying to clarify some timing values in regards of the Cluster Shared Volume and hope someone can help as I found literally no information at all in the official documentation / WWW.


    On a standard cluster disk there is the tab "policies" available, which allows the configuration of retries and delays between retries on a failure of that resource.


    Whenever a disk gets "promoted" to a CSV disk, all these options get removed.

    That´s a fact. OK. I can live with it that this is not configurable.

    Where I am trying to get clarification on: what values does the cluster use internally. I stated already I have not found any documentation on this (searched wrong?). There are a lot of "advanced cluster networking" posts available throughout the web, but no-one seems to have asked that question yet (or this is a well protected secret no one is allowed to talk about).


    There is a value of "20s" which seems to have some relevance in the Cluster when using a Disk-Witness. Simple to check via PS: $(get-cluster).QuorumArbitrationTimeMax -> 20


    One could guess that "20s" is somewhat relevant for the CSV as well then, but this is exactly the piece information I am looking for.


    For those who might ask: "What is the point in knowing the value if you can´t change it?"

    Answer: I experienced unexpected cluster failover behavior in some situations which I was unable to track down to something specific yet. Since this is literally a blind spot (I don´t know what values are used) I am trying to rule that one out so I can concentrate and move on to the next level.



    Any information is greatly appreciated

    Thanks and with best regards

    Wednesday, April 25, 2018 11:42 AM