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  • I’m working with a virtual WDDM Display Only mode driver derived from the current Windows 8 sample.

    The driver exhibits different behavior depending on whether it is loaded from boot or from an install.

    When the driver is first installed, it gets what looks like the typical series of calls.  All the way until  the EnumVidPnCofuncModality function.  This function gets called 3 or 4 times, each with a D3DKMDT_EPT_NOPIVOT pivot  The driver returns the same source and target modes sets as it does when it starts up from boot.  However, in the PnP  case, the driver never gets called again.  The display is never updated and the system requires a reboot.  On reboot, the driver displays just fine.

    On StartDevice from boot the display mode returned from the DxgkCbAcquirePostDisplayOwnership call is 1024x768 with color format of D3DDDIFMT_R8G8B8

    From Pnp it is 1024x768 with D3DDDIFMT_A8R8G8B8.

    I’ve tried setting the mode to be 1024x768x24 on the StopDeviceAndReleasePostDisplayOwnership and I’ve explicitly set the HW to match the mode that is returned from DxgkCbAcquirePostDisplayOwnership.

    No love there in either case.

    Is there something special to do when the driver is started from an install?



    Friday, October 5, 2012 12:22 AM