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  • By: chutch15

    I have created a button that includes an icon and some text along with a 
    border for a curved-corner background.  When the mouse is over the icon, the 
    rest of the button appears.  That's all fine and good.
    When I try to Edit a Copy of the template for this button and make the 
    button taller (to fit another line of text), the design clips from the point 
    where the original button size stops.  No matter what grid or border I resize 
    (include Autosizing) make any difference.
    Why can't I resize this template?!
    - Chad
    Thursday, February 21, 2008 9:23 PM

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  • By: Tor Langlo

    Normally you shouldn't need to create a new template if all you need is for 
    the button to make room for more content.
    What you should do is to use a combination of a style and template and 
    allow for the button to resize itself based on its contents (hint, use the 
    {TemplateBinding ...} markup extension).
    If you post a code example, we could take a look at it and make suggestions 
    for how to do this.
    Tor Langlo
    Koda Software
    Web: http://www.kodasoftware.com
    Blog: http://torlanglo.spaces.live.com
    Friday, February 22, 2008 9:25 PM