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  • The problem summary: Python read from Blob Store using Azure SDK for Python fails on BlockBlobService.get_blob_to_path, with error the the RBAC client I'm using has no attribute called 'signed session', after I've authenticated to Azure AD.

    The detail:

    I've got read access (as a THIRD PARTY) to an Azure Blob Storage account - using the Azure Active Directory RBAC (Roles Based Access Control). The owners of the Blob store have granted me the role of Storage Blob Data Reader.

    The detailed examples I find online for connecting from Python to read from a Blob store use the account_name and account_key parameters - but I do not have those credentials as I do not own the store itself.

    I thus found how to use RBAC to connect to Azure - however the read operation itself seems to fail - although I imagine my problem is actually in the step to create the BlockBlobService.

    I've created a simplified script to pull a sample of files from the store - based on the files I know I need to download. I seem to be able to connect to Azure Active Directory (disconnecting internet connection confirms failure), but once the read is executed, after some time (~30 seconds), an error is generated as shown below.

    Naturally - the redacted sections have the correct credentials / details in my code:

     from azure.storage.blob import BlockBlobService
        from azure.storage.blob import ContainerPermissions
        from azure.graphrbac import GraphRbacManagementClient
        from azure.common.credentials import UserPassCredentials

        print('Connecting to Azure Active Directory')
        credentials = UserPassCredentials(
                    'myname@email.com',      # Your user
                    'zzzzz',          # Your password

        tenant_id = "zzzz"

        graphrbac_client = GraphRbacManagementClient(

        AccountName = "account_name"
        imagesContainer = "container_name"

        ## Connect to the Azure Block Blob service using the GraphRBAC
        print('Connecting to Azure Block Blob Service')
        block_blob_service = BlockBlobService(account_name=AccountName, token_credential=graphrbac_client)

    All the above seems to run correctly, without any errors or exceptions. However, as soon as I run the code below - then I get the error below:

       block_blob_service.get_blob_to_path(imagesContainer, AzureFilename, newFileName)

    Exception has occurred: azure.common.AzureException
    'GraphRbacManagementClient' object has no attribute 'signed_session'
      File "C:\zzz\PullUnsortedImagesFromAzure.py", line 138, in <module>
        block_blob_service.get_blob_to_path(imagesContainer, AzureFilename, newFileName)
      File "C:\Python\Python37\Lib\runpy.py", line 85, in _run_code
        exec(code, run_globals)
      File "C:\Python\Python37\Lib\runpy.py", line 96, in _run_module_code
        mod_name, mod_spec, pkg_name, script_name)
      File "C:\Python\Python37\Lib\runpy.py", line 263, in run_path
        pkg_name=pkg_name, script_name=fname)

    What is interesting is that in Windows Explorer, I can actually see the file being created - but it doesn't actually get pulled from Blob store.

    I'm really no expert when it comes to AD - so I'm guessing, but I imagine the issue is probably originating from:

    block_blob_service = BlockBlobService(account_name=AccountName, token_credential=graphrbac_client)

    I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help point out what I should be doing...

    Thank you!

    Tuesday, March 26, 2019 3:08 PM


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