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  • I'm trying to follow the tutorials to demonstrate Azure AD B2C. I started with Create an Azure AD B2C tenant.

    1. I have a default directory and now I have "linked an existing Azure AD B2C Tenant" so now I have two directories. Why cannot I just create the Azure-AD-B2C-Tenant in my default directory?
    2.  Is there such a thing as an AAD tenant that is different than an AAD B2C tenant?
    3. I cannot remember what I entered for the Organization name and the initial domain name. What is the relationship between the directory name, the tenant name and the organization name? Is there a web page were I can see what I entered.
    4. What do they mean by your "B2C-tenant-name" in step 7 at Create an Azure Active Directory App. Is there an powershell script I can use to learn this? Is that the organization name or the domain aname?
    5. What do they mean by "your-tenant-name" in step 9 and 16 at Create Facebook Application Tutorial ? Is the "your-tenant-name" the name of my aad-b2c-tenant? If so, why did not they say "you-B2C-tenant-name"? I think I know what this is. Is there a powershell script I can run to confirm this value?
    6.  What do they mean by "your-AD-tenant-domain" in step 5 of Add the Identity Providers . I think I know what this is. Is there an powershell script to confirm this value?



    siegfried heintze

    Wednesday, April 15, 2020 1:57 AM


  • Hello Siegfried,

    You have opened this thread in the forum for Azure API Management.

    Azure Active Directory forum has officially moved from the MSDN forums to our newly launched platform: Microsoft Q&A. It'd be better to raise these questions on the new platform so that the folks who are experts and more familiar with AAD can help you on this matter.

    Wednesday, April 15, 2020 5:05 AM

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