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    I'm developping an aplication using ASP.NET MVC and i'm using Linq to SQL in my data access layer. I have a "factory" that gives me a new DataContext for each HttpContext:

    public class DataContextFactory

            public static DataContext GetWebRequestDataContext()
                DataContext context = (DataContext)HttpContext.Current.Items["DataContext"];
                if (context == null)
                    context =
                        new DataContext(
                    HttpContext.Current.Items["DataContext"] = context;
                return context;


    Now i am trying to garantee isolation levels in my application and a have a question... If i use the DataContext.Transaction property do i garantee isolation between different requests?because each request will have his own DataContext..


    what about if i use:

    trans = new 
    { /*my code*/}

    do i garantee the isolation between different requests?


    Thank you,


    Tiago Lopes


    Monday, July 12, 2010 3:13 PM

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