Nominate games (or other programs) here to get featured on our Blog! (PART 3)

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    Got a game you made that you want us to review for being featured on the blog? Maybe someone else's game that you think is great?

    The Small Basic blog:

    Post the game/program in this thread to nominate them!

    Please include the following information:

    1. Name of the game/program. Try to come up with something cool and that differentiates it. Instead of "Maze Game", call it "Smily Face Maze" or "Turtle Maze". For example, rather than "Tank Game", the TeamChallenge teams came up with "Tankinator" and "Tank Rampage". I might help you come up with a more interesting/different name if yours seems to generic.
    2. Link to the program listing - What's your listing code? Include the full link to get us there faster.
    3. Link to the download page. If your game/program runs better locally, then zip the files/folders together and upload it to the TechNet Gallery. Include the link to your gallery page. We've got a"Small Basic" tag going in the gallery. Here's the TechNet Gallery:
    4. Name and Link to the creator's Profile Page. If it was you, then just include your name. Your profile link is attached to your post anyway. But if someone else wrote it, please link to their profile. If multiple people made the game/program, please include a profile link for each person and explain what they did (if you know).


    Small Basic community folks (like Small Basic Blog contributors) will evaluate the programs to select the ones to feature on the blog. If we don't select yours, we can explain why (if you want) and give you steps to make your program "better" (more fun/unique/etc.).


    Nonki Takahashi

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015 2:12 AM

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