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    hello, im trying to make a report with mysql in C#, and it have work fine in mi localhost computer, i do this:

    i install the mysqlodbc conector

    i create a new data source using the sistem configuration/system tools.

    i serch and select the datasource from the wizzard in mysqlreport in c#


    so with this now i can see my reports, so i generete a installer and try to use it on a 2nd computer,

    here comes the problem Tongue Tied

    the program works fine, but when i open my report generator window it shows a window that says server: "the_data_source_i create" and ask for password and user,

    so i do this:

    i install the mysqlodbc conector in that 2nd computer

    and create a data source with the exact same name that the one i configure in my computer when i generate the report.

    when i did this the report works fine.

    so this is my question, is there a way to make all this automatically?

    like in the installation of my program it also install de mysqlodbc conector, and also creates the data source and that stuff? or i necesary need to make them manually?


    thanks for the help



    Thursday, September 6, 2007 8:22 PM