RDCB refresh cycle RRS feed

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  • There has a F5 server, two RDCB host, a AD/DNS server, four RDSH host.

    There have following problems:
    step 1, Access remote desktop through F5 by 101 account, 101 was assigned to the RDSH1 host;

    step 2, 101 login out, and forced to power off RDSH1 host;

    step 3, Try to access remote desktop through F5 by 101 account again, stay in the login interface, after a while, prompt the host resource busy, you can not login.

    step 4, After about 10 minutes, you can login again, and 101 was assigned to the other RDSH host, such as RDSH2 host. ( I tested 10 times, not every time is 10 minutes, sometimes is 5 minutes, sometimes is 50 minutes, it seems no rule)

    Analysis: When first login, 101 was assigned to RDSH1 host, although RDSH1 has been forced to shut down, but RDCB still think that the session is stored in the RDSH1, so second login was assigned to the RDSH1 also, while the RDSH1 host is not available, thus unable to login.

    Question: Why the state of RDSH host on RDCB is not refresh immediately, how long the refresh cycle, and how to configure the refresh cycle, thank you.

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 12:09 PM