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  • Hi,

        I am working on the Device APP and the driver MFT for Camera. I encountered two questions:


        1. My device APP got a problem to communicate with my driver MFT. While calling any API via videoDeviceExtension, I get an exception of "No such interface supported". It seems the proxy does not work. I follow the instruction of this document and create a proxy for my driver MFT, and then include the proxy DLL at the device APP's project, and add the "ProxyStub" extension at the device APP's manifest. I am not sure what is wrong. Can anyone give me some help?

        By the way, The document mentioned that there would be driver MFT related sample here, but it provides only the device APP part. The driver MFT part is unavailable. Will there be the sample code of driver MFT?


        2. My driver MFT is loaded at the capture page of changing user tile, but not at the capture page of "Notespace" APP. Both "changing user tile" and "Notespace" seem using CameraCaptureUI for their capture pages. The driver MFT is supposed to work for any Metro APP that use the same camera, right? Or is there any limitation?

        By the way, the device APP is launched correctly for both APPs. 




    Wednesday, January 11, 2012 9:59 AM


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