Error attaching new data disk to vm using hot or cold blob storage


  • I am trying to create data disks for a vm using hot or cold blob storage.

    For that i created a blob storage account and container, selected vm -> Disks -> Attach new. I was able to select the blob storage account during creation, but the vm is now in error condition. The error says in short "provisioning failed due to storage account being blob storage. Please retry with general purpose account. StorageAccountTypeNotSupported".

    The new disk is shown under vm Disks, but is just an empty container.

    How can i use the hot/cold blob as local disk (drive) storage in a vm? According to this blog it should be possible


    Monday, November 21, 2016 1:06 PM


  • Hi Oletho,

    We cannot use Blob storage account because it use to store only block blobs. For VM disk we use Page blobs.

    You can find more on below


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