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  • Hello everyone,

    Suppose that I have a custom paper size that has its named specified by *rcNameID.

        *Option: SRA3
            *rcNameID: =STR_SRA3
            *PrintSchemaKeywordMap: "ISOSRA3"
            *PageDimensions: PAIR(15118, 21260)
            *PrintableArea: PAIR(14718, 20860)
            *PrintableOrigin: PAIR(200, 200)
            *Command: CmdSelect

    Here STR_SRA3 corresponds to an item in a Resource DLL for localization. Installing the driver for the first time gives no problems (the forms database, a list of printer forms under Print Server Properties, is updated and the Print Capabilities Document properly shows the option as psk:ISOSRA3). However, if the entry of STR_SRA3 in the Resource DLL is modified and the driver is re-installed, the Print Capabilites would have two instances of "psk:ISOSRA3", one for the previous STR_SRA3 and another one for the modified STR_SRA3.

    To summarize how to test:

    1. Install printer driver.

    2. Check forms database for the vendor defined paper size.

    3. Remove the printer driver (and package). Verify that the vendor defined paper size is still in the forms database.

    4. Modify the .RC file of the Localization DLL, rebuild and re-install the driver. (e.g. change item of STR_SRA3 from "SRA3" to "SRA3_NEW")

    5. Check that there are now two vendor defined paper sizes that correspond to the same PrintSchemaKeyword.

    What is the expected behavior for this?

    Additionally, for Windows 8 and Server 2012, changing the display language doesn't seem to affect the localization of Paper Size Options that are not defined in the GPD standard options (, while Windows 8.1  behaves correctly.

    Thank you.

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