Visual Studio 2013. Lightswitch. Why doesn't nested child Add/Edit screen have a save button instead of a checkmark? How to work around it? RRS feed

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  • Visual Studio 2013. Lightswitch. Why doesn't nested child Add/Edit screen have a save button instead of a checkmark? How to work around it?

    Do any Lightswitch developers ever read the questions and answers on here?  In a few hours I created about 95 percent of my Lightswitch project from scratch.  The last 5 percent has taken me weeks and hundreds of hours.  I could have learned SQL, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, and how to overhaul an engine quicker.  I can delete records from what I have learned online, but a friendly knowledgeable person gave me a way that seems better.  But now I have to learn how to build a JavaScript Helper library just to delete records (one of four main keys which is supposed to be a key 4th letter of CRUD that isn't included in Lightswitch common set).  And now I have to Git in the real world and learn how to use GitHub.

    The delete key for each table I have working and I learned how by trial and error and Googling.  Now I am stuck on adding a Puller and a Vehicle to nested autocomplete boxes by using Add Puller and Add Vehicle keys.  If I create a default entity.PullerID = "0" and entity.VehicleID = "0" in my create code it still doesn't work because Lightswitch changes them each to null when I enter my newly created Puller or Vehicle and click on the newly created selection.  (Discovered with the Lightswitch error message of "PullerID: This field is required").  Everything works fine if the Puller and Vehicle are already in the SQL database.  If I manually enter any number in the PullerID and Vehicle ID fields that I am temporarily displaying on my screen before saving, then Lightswitch puts its new ID into each field and the SQL database is updated correctly.  Can't I get Lightswitch to put the numbers in for me?  What a bunch of beans.  I am convinced Lightswitch has no future.  I think I need to start over with something that will really work into the future.

    Wednesday all my Microsoft Frontpage websites on GoDaddy will die.  Unsupportng Frontpage.  I still think Visual Studio 2013 may be part of my answer, but I wish I had never gone down the Lightswitch path.

    Frustrated.  I am a Certified Data Processor with a Computer Degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Originally learned Fortran, Cobol, PL/1, JCL, TSO, and Assembler Programming.  Many other languages since then.  Owned and managed an IBM Personal Computer Store.  Authorized IBM Service Technician, many other credentials.  In my experience, software gets much easier when you get "over the hump" and figure out how the programmer wants it to work.  Lightswitch is the opposite.  It gets harder the deeper you get into it.  What happened to "User Friendly"? LIghtswitch doesn't need a "tweaking", it needs a major overhaul.

    Monday, June 22, 2015 11:13 PM

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  • Visual Studio 2013. Lightswitch. Why doesn't nested child Add/Edit screen have a save button instead of a checkmark?

    We can use these ways to add Add/Edit screen, it uses Save button to save added/edited data.

    If you have concern for this behavior, you could give a feedback on Visual Studio UserVoice site via Lightswitch portal.      

    >>>Wednesday all my Microsoft Frontpage websites on GoDaddy will die.  Unsupportng Frontpage

    You can also consider using Azure or IIS to hosting your Lightswitch application, it's also available for us.

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    Wednesday, June 24, 2015 2:12 AM
  • Thanks for your answer.  I do use Azure for hosting my SQL database and new Lightswitch application now.  My older, but still active, websites were created and are maintained with Microsoft Frontpage.  Microsoft decided to drop support and now GoDaddy has done likewise.  They informed me recently that today s the date they would move my stuff to a new server that doesn't support Frontpage extensions.  They also informed me that my websites would either crash or have unusual behavior.  So I must have an immediate replacement for Frontpage but Microsoft didn't make any software program backwards compatible with Frontpage.  No upgrade path.  Didn't think Microsoft would leave me dead at the end of a vine.  My worries are: Will this also happen to Lightswitch after I invest many many hours of time learning and using Lightswitch?

    I think I always had an upgrade path -- DOS to Windows, Windows to ... Windows 8.1.  VisiCalc to Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel (I know, VisiCalc and Lotus were not Microsoft, but Microsoft provided the upgrade path). Word to the latest Word.  Internet Explorer to the latest IE.  But where is the Microsoft software that reads old Frontpage files and provides the latest website creation software?  It's sure not Lightswitch on Azure or Visual Studio 2013 or WebMatrix on Azure.

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015 2:09 PM