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    We are encountering the following problem.
    We have a program (several dll's etc) that is programmed in .NET 1.1 SP1 using and that works fine by our client.
    When he have to make some little changes to the program, we make our changes and build ondly the dll's that are needed for this change. (for example only the dll's containing the user layer need to be changed). We do this  by using the configuration manager.
    After that we place the dll's that are changed by our client. And there we are encountering some type load exceptions and missing method exceptions.  These exceptions don't have a message only a question mark, also no inner exception is found. So we don't know where to start looking The strange thing about it is, that we don't encounter this problems in debug mode. When we compile some other dll's that don't have any changes, the problem appears somewhere else. We have cheched the manifest of the dll's but the version number etc seemed to be ok. Also when we build the whole program, we don't have a problem. But building the whole program and deploy all the dll's is something that our client doesn't want.
    Is there something else we can do about it, because we can't deliver a program that throws type-load exceptions!?

    Kind regards
    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 7:05 AM


  • A missing method exception would indicate that your little changes aren't so little.  Just keep in mind that the old code only knows about the original methods and properties that were present when it was compiled.  You cannot change their names or modify their argument lists.  Serialization is an issue too, now causing problems with added fields and properties.
    Hans Passant.
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