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  • I'm beginning to wonder if L2S is suitable for large projects. By a large project I mean a database containing many tables spread across many schemas. We would like our entities contained in namespaces that match our database schema names. We have database parent / child relationships that span across schemas. This means our parent / child entities will span across namespaces. L2S isn't able to handle this. In L2S, I cannot model a relationship that involves a parent in one namespace (.DBML) and a child in another namespace (.DBML); at least not without having to write a fair amount of custom code. But this partially defeats the purpose of using L2S.

    So, we could put all our entities in a single namespace, which we don't want to do. Or we could write custom code in partial entity class to overcome the modeling limitation. We don't particularly want to do this either.

    How have others dealt with this?

    Friday, October 30, 2009 2:33 AM


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