Cluster Instance IP shows as second IP on one of the Nodes of the Cluster RRS feed

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  • Setting up a windows 2012 R2 Cluster. 

    There are two (will be three nodes). When I do IP config /all for one of the nodes - it shows the Cluster Instance IP as 'a seond IP4' IP on the Management Team interface. I assume this is by design, but I can not find any reference, and the customer is suspect. The particular nodes are uin a subnet where DHCP is not enabled. 

    If the above is correct - then should this Cluster Instance IP be a 'second IP' on Management Team interfaces of all nodes (the instance and the Management Teams are on same subnet)? It only shows on one node*

    * I recall seeing a second IP on one of the nodes several weeks back (though I thought it was an APIPA address - but I could not be 100%). The second IP did not show in GUI and I recall going through some hopes to remove (registry modifications). We are having some odd issues with Live Migration and want to to determine if the that may be the cause of the issue. So in recap: 

    A:) Cluster Instance IP should be a second IP on the management Team? 

    B) If yes, should it be present on both/all nodes' management team all the time (if it migrates based on a particular Node role, what would the trigger be?) 

    c) If it should be a persistent second IP on both/all nodes' management team, how can I get it back on the other nodes? 

    Thanks. - D

    Tuesday, May 20, 2014 3:20 PM