local report: display bitmap from database - originated in sql mobile --> iSeries blob RRS feed

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  • I have been searching for what I am doing wrong for over a day and have come up with nothing that works so far.  I have a winforms app that uses the LocalReport class to generate a PDF invoice for our customers.  Basically all it does is call LocalReport.Render and writes the rendered report to a .pdf file.  I'm binding the report data to business objects and there is one embedded image in the report (company logo).

    All is fine and good except for a bitmap I need to display in an image view control.  All I get is the red x ala image not found or unavailable or something.

    The image originates from a pocket pc running windows mobile 5.  I have a signature capture control that creates and saves a System.Drawing.Bitmap of a customer's signature to a local SQL Server Mobile database as an Image.  The image is then transferred via a Java webservice (as xsd:base64Binary) and stored as a blob in an IBM iSeries database.

    The pdf app's objects load their data from the iSeries over an ODBC connection.  The signature blob seems to come through in tact.  I am able to recreate the Bitmap object from the blob data and if I save it as a .bmp file to the filesystem and then open the image, it opens and looks as it should.

    I have:
    • set the MIMEType of the image view control to 'image/bmp'
    • set the source to database
    • tried to set the value of the image view control directly to the Bitmap (using Fields!Bitmap.Value)
    • or to a byte[] of the bitmap data (using Fields!byte[].Value)
    • set EnableExternalImages to true
    No luck :-(

    I came across something related to data from an Access database needing to have its header trimmed or removed or something.  Could it be something like that or am I missing something really obvious?  I'm totally stumped.


    Friday, November 9, 2007 6:52 PM

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