Implementing A Data Relation Using VB And MS Access RRS feed

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  • Hi:

    I have coded a data relation for a dataset with two datatables, "SE" and "CS". The "SE" Table is

    the parent and the "CS" is the child. The data relation does not work. The code to dispose of the 

    data relation does not work.

    Thanks .... John

    Create Data Relation

       dsPSB.Relations.Add("SE_CS", dsPSB.Tables("dtSE").Columns("SE_KEY"), dsPSB.Tables("dtCS").Columns("CS_KEY"))

    Create The "CS" BindingSource

      bsCS.DataSource = dsPSB 
      bsCS.DataMember = "SE_CS"

    Code To Dispose of the Data Relation when the child form closes.


    Tuesday, February 12, 2019 5:51 PM