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    I’m starting to think about and develop an architecture for a big web application, and I wanted to get suggestions and/or recommendations on which technologies and/or frameworks to use.

    The application will be an Intranet-based web site using Windows authentication, running on IIS and using ASP.NET.  It’ll need to be structured as a main web application with sub-web applications.  Essentially, the entire scope is a composite browser-based, Intranet application that is composed of discrete, functionally complete modules or sub-applications.

    This composite web client application would have a main or shell module to provide the overall user interface structure.  Additionally, the shell module would provide access to common services that all the individual sub-apps or modules could use.  Then each sub-app/module would contain its own functionality and implementation, but integrate with the shell user interface.

    Next, based on the user and which of the sub-apps are available, the main or shell app would dynamically build tabs (or buttons or something) as a way to access each individual application.  And, we’ll be storing the user and application data in a database table.

    So, for example, we’re going to have a reports application, a display application, and probably a couple other distinct applications.  On startup of the main/shell application, after determining who the user is, the main app will query the database to determine which sub-apps the user can use and build out the UI.  Then the user can navigate between available sub-apps and do their work in each.

    I hope all this makes sense.

    Anyway, I’m wondering which, if any, pre-existing technologies/frameworks would work best for architecting and developing a system such as this.

    Would the Web Client Software Factory be a good choice?
    Would some other MVP solution be a good choice?
    Would ASP.NET MVC be a good choice?
    Something else????
    Would none of these be a good choice and we should just develop everything from the ground up using web forms?
    Any other info I should know about?



    Friday, June 18, 2010 2:14 PM


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    For me, it sounds like any ordinary web site at all. just use the built in role system to find out if the user has access to your "sub systems" and determine if the should accessable from menus etc.

    With that said you should find a technology that suits your demands. If you think its important to be able to run unit tests easily go for MVC. On the other hand, if you feel thats building reusable controls would really help you when developing your pages go for aspx web forms.

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    Friday, June 18, 2010 3:21 PM