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  • Hi,

    we are having issues with uploading file to azure blob storage. We are using createBlockBlobFromLocalFile from azure node sdk just as in documentation. Issue we are having is that lot of times file gets created with valid metadata but no content is present in blob storage container so those are all empty files. Sometimes it happens that only partial content is uploaded.

    However callback function from createBlockBlobFromLocalFile is always called without error in our code so there is no indication that something went wrong or what was it.

    All file are valid on our disk before being uploaded and it sometimes works perfectly fine, sometimes just metadata with no content is uploaded and sometimes only partial data is uploaded.

    Can you please help with this issue, we have no idea what could be on our side since we are calling it for valid files from our side and it randomly works even for same files. This is kind of a blocker for us.

    Thanks in advance

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015 1:00 PM

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  • Hi There,

    Did you check with a traffic sniffer (like Fiddler) that there indeed was no error coming from the Azure Storage services.

    I assume you already found this comparable issue: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25185568/azures-createblockblobfromlocalfile-doesnt-create-blob-on-storage-container , right?

    Please mark answered question as anwered to let others know about it.

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015 3:23 PM
  • Hi Valery,

    thanks for help but everything is looking the same in both success and failed requests, and we are not playing with promises in our code so its not the issue. Callback is always called with no error and response always looks the same, something like this

    [ { container: 'startup-logo-development',
            etag: '"0x8D2979A278396D2"',
            lastModified: 'Tue, 28 Jul 2015 22:16:15 GMT',
            contentMD5: '1B2M2Y8AsgTpgAmY7PhCfg==',
            requestId: 'cd571063-0001-0082-2d83-c989ad000000' },
          { isSuccessful: true,
            statusCode: 201,
            body: '',
             { 'transfer-encoding': 'chunked',
               'content-md5': '1B2M2Y8AsgTpgAmY7PhCfg==',
               'last-modified': 'Tue, 28 Jul 2015 22:16:15 GMT',
               etag: '"0x8D2979A278396D2"',
               server: 'Windows-Azure-Blob/1.0 Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0',
               'x-ms-request-id': 'cd571063-0001-0082-2d83-c989ad000000',
               'x-ms-version': '2014-02-14',
               date: 'Tue, 28 Jul 2015 22:16:14 GMT',
               connection: 'close' },
            md5: undefined } ]
    That is actually the response from bad one but good ones look pretty much the same and it looks really weird cause it seems like big issue on azure node sdk side and I'm not saying we did everything perfectly well but files on our disk look completely fine and we just use call from docs like below so I don't see much space for it to be on our side.
          var blobService = azure.createBlobService(

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015 10:22 PM