UndoRecord.IsRecordingCustomRecord=False, After Export or import Fragment RRS feed

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  • I want to group some word operations into a undo Record (unit).  

    (1) UndoRecord.IsRecordingCustomRecord=True

    (2) But after using Range.ExportFragment() or Range.ImportFragment() 

    (3) UndoRecord.IsRecordingCustomRecord=False

    How to configure or set Word can support (remember) the Undo list.

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    Tuesday, September 5, 2017 4:28 AM

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  • Hello,

    I test the following code and when ImportFragment, the IsRecordingCustomRecord would be true. When ExportFragment, the IsRecordingCustomRecord would be false.

    Sub test()
    Dim objUndo As UndoRecord
    Set objUndo = Application.UndoRecord
    If objUndo.IsRecordingCustomRecord = False Then
    CreateUndoRecord ("My Custom Undo")
    End If
    'Selection.Range.ExportFragment "D:\Doc2.docx", wdFormatDocumentDefault
    'Debug.Print objUndo.IsRecordingCustomRecord
    Selection.Range.ImportFragment "D:\Doc1.docx"
    Debug.Print objUndo.IsRecordingCustomRecord
    End Sub
    Sub CreateUndoRecord(urName As String)
        ' Create a new undo record and insert some text.
        Dim ur As UndoRecord
        Set ur = Application.UndoRecord
        ur.StartCustomRecord urName
        ActiveDocument.Range.InsertAfter urName & " started."
        Debug.Print ur.IsRecordingCustomRecord
    End Sub

    I think this is expected result. We are unable to undo the Export, so UndoRecord.IsRecordingCustomRecord=false after exporting. If you want to undo Range.ExportFragment() , you may delete the file using Kill function.



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