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  • Hello,

    - I'm interested in looking at how you can create a 3d model and drag it into vb.net to matipulate, such as for a small game or just a charactor... is this possible? or do we need to use the drawing object and pretty much build it in the program?

    - How do you create an enviroment that will allow you to do this? (using a 3d model in vb.net, make it move, react, interact)

    - What type of 3d model are you able to do this with? (extenstion ie: .exe, .jpg etc and what program would you use to create a 3d model with that type of extenstion? and what type of things should you understand when you are creating a 3d model, how will a language pick up on points of the 3d model to manipulate?)

    - Would VB.NET be the language to do something like this? (If not what language would be recommended? and why not vb.net?)

    I've also been told to use a game engine, as far as I can see a game engine is basic edit tools such as an enviroment that has levels of strengths such as: enviroment, goodies, treasure, points what ever the case maybe... Basicly how would you also create this in vb.net or would you again use anoteher language and what language? if so what is vb.net usefull for? just POS systems and small network applications?

    If you do use a language any language for that matter, i had seen that languages have differnt styles of running ie: procedural (top to bottom), object (jumps all over the place) etc. Basicly if you have 2-3 methods or more, is it possible to make them run at one time? ie mouth_smile and eyes_blink or will it work that fast that it would not notice? and you may want to through another method in at the same time or in midway to the other methods, hair_waves.

    I understand i've put a lot of question on here, I hope it is ok, just need the theory so i can do more research on this topic, and i do like vb.net though still getting my head around it.

    If you take the time to reply a post to this, i thank you all a lot. and have a great XMAS too all of you and a happy new year.

    Thank you.




    Sunday, December 24, 2006 2:33 AM


  • Get the DirectX SDK and check out the Direct3d tutorials for Visual Basic.

    Most good 3D modelling packages support exporting to DIrect3D mesh format. I suggest you download Blender. It's free, easy to use, supports Direct 3D meshes and is well documented. Get it from www.blender3d.org.

    Merry Christmas!

    Sunday, December 24, 2006 1:54 PM