Serial Ports and Metro Apps RRS feed

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  • There are MANY Bluetooth-to-RS232 adapters in the market, let alone USB-to-RS232 adapters. I can attach the Bluetooth adapter to my project, and pair with it from my tablet. It shows up as a standard COM port. Programs for Windows 7 and desktop Windows 8 have no problem talking to the device. WinRT apps, on the other hand, can't. (I don't know yet whether a Windows Phone device can talk to the serial port.) Is there a way to add WinRT support for the SerialPort Class in System.IO.Ports? Are there third-party packages that can be used, instead of the System.IO.Ports that comes with WinRT?

    I work with an OEM who would like to be able to offer a remote control pad with their products. A $300 WinRT ARM tablet would work. A $1000 Win8 Pro Intel tablet would not. They are currently looking at providing iPads, iPhones, and Android devices as controllers. Given the current environment, I suspect that those are going to be the options when they initially go to market.

    Having to develop and maintain different drivers for each product/OS is daunting. They would much prefer to use off-the-shelf dongles.

    Let's hope that Microsoft gets the hint and adds back support for serial ports to WinRT for ARM.


    Friday, July 20, 2012 7:12 PM