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  • I am trying to solve a VB.Net assignment that I have. It is about updating DataGrid based on the ListBox selected value. Even though, it is not extremely complex, I am stuck, when trying to update the GridData based on Listbox..Here is the detailed assignment.


    I need to create a solution that works with two tables having a Master/Detail relationship. The first table contains asset category records, and the second table contains asset detail records for each category.

    Minimum Requirements

    Table 1--Schema for the tblCategories table

    Column Name               Data Type

    fldCategoryID                    Integer
    fldCategoryDesc               String

    Table 2--Schema for table named tblAssets

    Column Name               Data Type

    fldAssetID                        Integer
    fldCategoryID                    Integer
    fldAssetName                   String
    fldDescription                    String
    fldDateAcquired               Date
    fldCost                            Single

    The input form contains a ListBox and a DataGrid control. Select asset categories in the list box and then the corresponding asset information will appear in the DataGrid. As you select different categories, the total costs are recalculated for the selected category and displayed in the label on your form, formatted as currency.

    Configure the form so it appears on the center of the desktop when the solution is run.
    Do not allow the user to resize the form.
    Remove minimize, maximize, and close buttons from the title bar.
    Perform the appropriate steps to create a connection to the sample database. Be sure to select the option to copy the database to the project so it will be automatically included in the project.
    Create an instance of the ListBox control. Set the necessary properties so the ListBox control will display field fldCategoryDesc.
    Create an instance of the DataGrid control on the form. Configure the DataGrid control instance so it displays records from the table named tblAssets, but only for those records matching the select category shown in the list box.
    Format the DataGrid so the column header names are the same as the ones shown in the Figure. Set appropriate column widths, and format the cost column as currency, right justified. Write the necessary code to calculate the total cost of the displayed assets. Display the results in a Label control above the cost column of the DataGrid. Format the output as currenct. Create an Update button that will allow the user to save any changes made to the DataGrid back to the database. Writh the necessary code for the button. Allow the user to add, change, and delete records in the Asset table.

    If you can send the actual code, that would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Saturday, June 30, 2007 5:56 PM