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  • I've been using VS 2008 for a couple of projects that I started in VS 2005.  But I can't seem to get my old NUnit tests to show up in the Loaded Tests.  I changed the references and changed all the CustomAttributes to use the .NET syntax but they still don't show up. 


    I looked at the .vsmdi and .testrunconfig XML files but they still don't seem to reveal what I need to change.  I know that I could probably add a new test project and import all the test files, but I'd like to know how this works. 




    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 2:45 AM


  • VS doesn't use NUnit.  VS2005 (and by definition VS2008) uses MS's own testing framework which is based upon NUnit.   I suspect you're using the VS2005 testing though.


    I also suspect that you've run into the same problem that I originally ran into when I upgrade my existing test project to VS2008.  The tests (and lists) that I had created were lost.  I thought the .vsmdi file was corrupted but all the data was still there. 


    Came to find out that the upgrade process created a new vsmdi file to use rather than my original one.  As a result it wiped all the tests and lists I had created.  There were two options: copy the original lists from the original vsmdi to the new file or modify the project file to use the original vsmdi file.  Either method works although you should prefer the first option to ensure no future problems. 


    Michael Taylor - 12/19/07




    Wednesday, December 19, 2007 1:23 PM