Virtual printer and printed file RRS feed

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  • Hello.

    I test create virtual printer (print queue) to convert files from our format (no XPS) to format used with our customer. And the problem occurs.
    I cannot find anywhere path and name printed files.
    I would like to create printer port without prompt to output file. The conversion is going on under more files without user interaction.
    I was create virtual XPS printer(driver version v3) according to XPSDrv Driver and Filter Sample, filter to pipeline for XPS, portmonitor according to Print Monitors Samples and print processor according to genprint sample.
    All of them is all right excluding printprocessor genprint sample. After installation of print processor is called only function
    EnumPrintProcessorDatatypesW in Windows 8.1.
    Function OpenPrintProcessor is during printing not called. I want, during process this function, find printed file name because I found only JobName from other callbacks so far.

    The genprint is intend for Windows 7. Is  supported printprocessor in version drive v3 in Windows 8.1.?
    Can you give counsel me where I find file name and path to printed files.
    I use Visual Studio 2013 and WDK framework (Platform Toolset) 8.1..



    Thursday, May 29, 2014 5:26 AM