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  • Hi Friends,


    Hope all are doing great!


    I have a basic spreadsheet and am trying to autofilter type as you search


    On 2 Criteria in 2 columns.


    I would like only Car honda not Boat honda to appear as well.


    I set up a basic text box  and have spent the day unable to create a AND filter to make this happen.


    Below is my search box


       Private Sub TextBox1_Change()


        ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Cars").Range.AutoFilter Field:=2, _

            Criteria1:="*" & [C3] & "*", Operator:=xlFilterValues

    End Sub



    In which way can I add my second filter, so I can search  on 2 columns to get only


    Cars --- > honda

    I am trying to emulate a real time search - as i will later search for other cars - so I know you can use an array , or do individual macros , but then i will have to make a macro for each search criteria and that will be alot of macros

    thank you for your time

    Cheers Dan :)

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  • Hello Andreas,


    Thank you for this spreadsheet idea.


    This is exactly what I was trying to do but I couldn't explain it to google, and found so much more complex stuff on filtering that I couldn’t adapt to my spreadsheet.


    I can adapt this to make my search boxes now yay :)


    Thank you very much for the point in the right direction.


    Without it I would be spending another day in stress :(


    Have a good weekend my friends

    Cheers Dan :)

    Friday, November 4, 2016 12:10 PM