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  • Hi,

    I am using Biztalk to process an EDI file using EDI Receive Pipeline. I am storing the the file name in one table and all other details in another table. When I process a huge file which has more than 10K transactions, I am getting same file name created multiple times in my first table. I am processing one file but getting 2 or more rows in with same file name depending on the number of records. What is the reason for this? Any idea how to make it to have only one row since I am processing only one file.

    Saturday, December 16, 2017 4:45 AM

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  • Hi HariKotha,

    Thank you for posting on MSDN forum.

    Can you please let us know how you are storing the file name in table and is there any stored procedure or something else? 

    You can check if event log and admin console if any other process is also in progress at same time.

    Kamlesh Kumar

    Saturday, December 16, 2017 3:28 PM
  • Hi Kamlesh,

    Thanks alot for taking up my question.

    No I am not calling any stored procedure. I am using a WCF SQL adapter and creating a Insert schema for the table which is also giving me the binding file.

    Then I am using this as send port for inserting the file name in to the table.

    Please let me know if it helps.

    Saturday, December 16, 2017 4:27 PM
  • Thanks for detailed information. So Send port also have SQL binding and have any custom pipeline ? If yes then please check the configuration of binding.
    Saturday, December 16, 2017 5:36 PM
  • Yeah Send port has WCF SQL binding. Is this configuration splitting the files into 2? I am not using any custom pipeline just using the Passthrough Pipleline. Can you let me know more on which configuration does this? I am using Batch size =1 only.
    Saturday, December 16, 2017 6:39 PM
  •'re getting multiple entries in the file name table because...well...your app is doing multiple inserts into this table.  It's not a setting or configuration, it's the way you've programmed it. :(

    One solution, is to use an Orchestration to check for BTS.InterchangeSequenceNumber = 1 and use only that message to to the file name insert.

    Tuesday, December 26, 2017 3:08 PM