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  • I am stumped on what is probably a simple glitch.

    I have an SSRS 2005 server report (RDL) based on a stored procedure dataset, which accepts a single parameter.  The parameter value originates from a session variable when the user opens the aspx page containing the reportviewer control (Visual Web Developer 2005).  I've configured this parameter as a hidden parameter in the RDL design.  In this configuration it functions as intended in both the development environment and when deployed.

    Next, I tried to add user prompts to implement report server filtering (in addition to the database filtering in the source SPROC).  I added the parameters, set up the data sources for the prompt values, set up the filter expressions, did everything that I can find to implement this process. 

    When I preview the report in the development environment (SQL Server Business Intelligence Dev Studio), it works as intended.

    When I deploy it and attempt to run it from my http://localhost environment, though, it fails.  There's no error message.  I don't even get the "Report Running" icon with no rows returned...what I get is prompts which function correctly (showing the right values and letting me select one), but when I click "Run Report" I just get an immediate screen refresh with the prompts reset to the default "<Select a value>" setting.  And no report.

    I've obviously missed some setting somewhere, for it to work in dev but not when deployed.  Any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated.

    Friday, March 23, 2007 1:41 AM

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