Visual Studio 2012 freezes the entire OS RRS feed

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  • Today I upgraded my Windows 7 Professional to Windows 8 Pro RTM (from Dreamspark Premium) and installed Visual Studio 2012 Professional RTM. Then, using VS 2012, I began building libraries that I need to develop an unmanaged C++ project that I used to develop in VS 2010.

    Everything went very smoothly (I loved that moment actually) and I managed to build my project (along with its required libraries: wxWidgets and FMOD) and ran it through the debugger. Then, I did a few edits to the code and tried to run it again, but no luck this time. The entire OS freezes, or should I say "nearly-freezes" because I can actually do some *very-very few* moves with the mouse, like, only 0.1 frames per second. I can't access the Start screen, I can't access the ctrl+alt+del screen, because it just won't respond. I ended up resetting the PC.

    And now, every time I open my solution, I always ended up in the same freeze in a few seconds after it loaded my solution, that forced me to reset the PC again and again just to try a few workaround to find the culprit.

    So, I reverted my projects and starting to develop in VS 2010 again because of this.

    Now I don't know what to report since once I get the freeze, the entire OS freezes, and I cannot do anything unless I reset my PC. And I wouldn't do that again if it isn't really necessary, because I did it too often already, I'm afraid it'll damage my hard drives.

    If there's any additional information you need just tell me. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.


    Monday, August 27, 2012 6:32 PM