Waiting for Azure import job to complete


  • I'm trying to perform and offline backup and have successfully completed everything to the point of having the backup job complete after the data has been loaded into the storage BLOB.

    I created the Export Job, prepared the drive.
    Shipped it to MS
    I can see that they have transferred the data to the BLOB
    The drive has been returned
    The status of the Import Job is packaging

    The backup job on the server is stuck at "Waiting for the Azure import job to complete. Please check the status in the management portal".  It's been three days since the data was transferred into the storage BLOB.  According to the information in the Azure Offline Backup Workflow article: "Once the initial backup data is available in your storage account, the Azure Backup agent copies the contents of the data from this account to the multi-tenanted backup storage account. In the next schedule backup time, the Azure Backup agent performs the incremental backup over the initial backup copy."

    That hasn't happened yet.  What do I need to do do to make that happen?

    Friday, October 9, 2015 2:31 PM