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    1. Expand a Publisher group in the left pane of Replication Monitor, expand a Publisher, and then click a publication.

    2. Click the All Subscriptions tab.

    3. Right-click a subscription, and then click View Details.

    4. In the Subscription < SubscriptionName> window, click Action, and then click <AgentName> Job Properties.

    5. On the Schedules page of the Job Properties - <JobName> dialog box, click Edit.

    6. In the Job Schedule Properties dialog box, select a value from the Schedule Typedrop-down list:

      • To specify that the agent should run continuously, select Start automatically when SQL Server Agent star

    Tuesday, May 7, 2019 8:16 PM
  • Could you please provide query to check transactional replication frequency?
    Tuesday, May 7, 2019 8:26 PM
  • To run a job continuously you must add the -continuous parameter to the end of the job command. By default this should be done.

    This will show you the schedules of distribution agents. 

    SELECT AS jobName
    , AS scheduleName
    , sja.next_scheduled_run_date 
    FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobs sj
    INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobactivity sja ON sja.job_id = sj.job_id
    INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobschedules sjs ON sjs.job_id = sja.job_id
    INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysschedules ss ON ss.schedule_id = sjs.schedule_id
    (sja.next_scheduled_run_date > GETDATE())
    and sj.category_id=10
    and ss.enabled=1

    Tuesday, May 7, 2019 8:40 PM