extract Z coordinate value from specified X,Y values RRS feed

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    I am trying to get the Z coordinate value(depth) for a specified X,Y values on a depthframe/ (even color frame if that's possible). My ultimate aim is to detect a coloured object and track the depth value of that object on the screen. Right now what I have is an algorithm to track the coloured object on screen and give back the (x,y) coordinate value from the 320x240 image dynamically using library. Next step for me is to use this x,y values and get the z-position with the help of the depth stream. I am using C# to achieve this functionality. Any pointers on how would i do it or links to those who have done similar thing would be much appreciated. FYI, there may not be any human skeleton on the image so skeleton joint tracking is not what I want.

    From KinectStudio (the program to record all the Kinect data), if I turn on the View>Depth, I get the image as shown below. The X,Y and Depth values will be shown where the mouse is pointed at in this at the bottom of the image. This is what I want as well, but on a colour frame.

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